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A comprehensive CRM solution for individuals and enterprises of all sizes in the education consulting industry; SIVIO does it all.
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Contact Management

Create Student Profiles

Use questionnaires and forms to capture, edit and update all relevant information of your clients and save time and effort by pre-populating forms along the process flow with this information.

Manage Appointments

Schedule Appointments, track deadlines and send reminders whenever due using the built-in calendar tool and the comprehensive email management system to ensure on-time and prompt processing.

Applicant Forum

Our student application forum allows your clients to have instant access to the current status of their application, a system to raise and resolve their specific queries and communicate with their agents.

Application Management

Manage Applicant Process

Streamline student onboarding, create checklists, manage workflows and communicate with external third-party agents that are needed for end-to-end process management.

Institute & Course Management

Maintain and manage a record of all your partner and other institutes and their respective courses to help facilitate fast and accurate decision-making for your clients and their careers.

Upload Documents

Collect and store documents of all your clients and their respective cases for easy and on-the-go access using the query tool. Sivio also allows your clients to add and update documents with ease.

Reporting and Billing

Expense Tracking

Create and maintain customized lists of services and their corresponding charges to keep track of the expenses of each client and case in real time. Makes expense tracking a breeze.

Invoice Generation

Generate invoices at the end or during the application process for one or many services rendered to your client. Simply select the services, the payee and email the invoice to your client in any format.

Report Management

Use our industry standard report templates to manage all information regarding your contacts and cases or create custom reports for your business needs. Export them in excel format with just a few clicks.

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